How to Make Winning Football Picks

In general, there are three main areas solid handicappers focus upon: current news, injuries, and historical stats/trends.

Pro bettors are constantly looking for info worth betting to give them an edge, and so should you. It’s critical to find stats that matter and news that is meaningful & accurate. In Game Factors, you can get all of this info in one place so you don’t have to scour the Internet and spend your time visiting hundreds of web sites. With so many different sports sites out there offering seemingly endless amounts of info (much of it of questionable value), finding those rare resources like Game Factors that provide info worth acting upon are essential to betting smart.

Judging injuries is also key to handicapping football games. Sports media outlets like ESPN and CBS SportsLine tend to overestimate injuries to the more glamorous skill positions like quarterback and running back while neglecting to mention just how important other key positions (like the offensive line) impact the game. ข่าวบอล Handicapping the NFL injury report is tricky, but important. The only way to find the true value of NFL injuries is to realize the full scope of the different positions, including depth, and bet off that info accordingly. (Click for full article on NFL Injuries)

Winning with Professional Handicappers

FACT: Some bettors consistently win. Typically, these winners don’t take time trying to convince the public to buy their picks. Some winners, though, do sell their picks (usually they’re not very good at it – probably because they spend most their time handicapping!) We’ve hunted down these winning professional handicappers and provide their picks to you. We take care of the marketing, allowing the handicappers to focus upon picking winners.

Free picks educate you on the how good a handicapper actually is. This is the easiest and most inexpensive option for you to follow handicappers’ picks and determine the quality of their selections at no risk whatsoever. (or FPBE) delivers 10 free picks from 10 famous handicappers. Following these handicappers will help you determine the ones that can help you.

Understanding a handicapper’s game picking approach and level of insight is vital in determining how he can help. Some handicappers share the details of their insight through pick write-ups; others keep their secrets of success to themselves – forcing the player to rely upon won/loss results to determine the quality of their picks.

Premium picks are a handicapper’s highest quality picks. Documented records (past results) are the best way to predict future winners. No matter how good your own picks do, having access to the top picks from proven winners increases what you know about the games you bet – adding to your betting confidence. One group to seriously consider is Johnny Detroit All-Stars – providing champion picks even a small player can afford.

It’s natural that handicappers usually have a single sport they understand best (though they typically don’t tell their customers that, since they want to sell picks in all sports). After finding the handicappers that truly win, FPBE puts in the hours to determine which sport (or sports) each handicapper understands best – and their specialties are the only sports we use them for. The reality of business makes it hard for the individual capper to be honest about his limitations, but since the staff at FPBE has hundreds of cappers to choose from, we can! provides all the premium picks from 5 specialist handicappers each gameday. These are proven winning handicappers picking exclusively in their very best sport, giving you the ammunition to play with the confidence at a bargain rate players of any size can afford.

The Plus10Club provides premium picks for pennies from the handicapping legends of tomorrow. Ten up and comers each provide a premium pick every day for the bargain rate of only $9.95 a month. Many of these individual picks sell for more than $10 each elsewhere! Why such a great deal? Because these cappers figure providing a single premium pick per day is worth the opportunity to prove to our 1000+ Plus10Club members that they are winners. Professional handicappers are fighting to get your attention and with the Plus10Club you get to benefit!

All the sites above can help you pick football winners, but the smart use of these tools that will determine how much fun you have betting. We’ve tried to make it easy for you by giving you the essentials needed to succeed, but it’s up to you to discover what works best for you, whether it be utilizing handicapping help from Game Factors or choosing the right handicapper program. You are the one who needs to get ready so you can bet with confidence. The help smart players use is here for the taking. Now it’s up to you!

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